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Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Guide to Her Signature Red Lip | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

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Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez takes Vogue through her beauty routine, from bold, bright lipstick to the unexpected makeup move that’s proved an instant mood booster.

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Director: Anna Page Nadin
Producer: Gabrielle Reich

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Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Guide to Her Signature Red Lip | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

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    1. Minutes

      Did some of you realize that she’s a fraud yet? (Written after 3 covid bills & after here and her fraud squad didn’t leverage anything out of pelosi for the speakership vote…) Zero policy gains EVER. And she ALONE had plenty of opportunities. Lots of smoke & PR babbling/acting with this shill.

    1. MaryJoWright

      @Upasana Mondal I am not sure I agree. I am a woman in STEM – a mathematician. Growing up, especially during university and in a few years after, due to the fact that this field is dominated by men, looks were never the focus for me. But as the years go by you lose touch with your feminity, you start to feel that if you express yourself in a feminine way, your male colleagues would not take you as seriously. Which is utter BS. So yes, I would love to see a scientist do her daily skincare and makeup routine.

      True, it is not a part of the job as it is for an actress for example. But it is part of being a woman – if it is what you like, of course. My point is, you can be a very feminine woman, into makeup and fashion and expressing your womanly powers and be a good professional in a STEM field at the same time. I don’t think there is enough emphasis on that.

    1. Minutes

      She…. unfortunately is indeed powerful, and works against the working class as they’re mesmerized by her media profiles… She has never even tried to gain “Progressive Policy”. She had many opportunities this year and frauded her way out of doing anything. Our country is full of suckers ( -_-)

    1. Minutes

      Did anyone feel the power when she did NOTHING to get ANY of ‘her progressive policy’ passed with the last 3 virus bills & the speakership vote?… she’s just a mediocre looking IG model at this point.

    1. Minutes

      She IS fashion.. you dorks are her target audience. A bunch of suckers who can get wooed into liking a politician without realizing if they have any strategy or intent to make the country better for you. SHE HAS PROVEN TO BE A FRAUD MULTIPLE OVER THE PAST 1 YEAR. she could have gotten many policies that she pretends to be for passed, and didnt. *on purpose*
      If any of you suckers paid any attention to the details instead of the celebrity of politics, it would help us all out a lot.

    1. Cathy inda6

      She’s just incredibly grounded in her own being. I aspire to be like this as a PERSON. If this state of affairs has shown us anything, the “norms” need a whole lot of correction.

    1. Nappy Kite

      We dont fly we will never fly only the white man will fly his plane
      We are proud of you and we are black is for the elders;
      We are leaving is for the youth.
      For our elders there is no money and thus far nappy kite is a dirt pile for the flying sponsership of a frivilous no money campaign for black to elder low key com.

  1. Anna Eylse

    When people were hating on her for being on vogue and vanity fair she said “I’m sorry you guys don’t like that I look good let me give you some tips so you can look good to 1 drink water 2 don’t be racist “

  2. Sofi York

    “It’s almost like a mini-protest to love yourself. In a society that is always trying to tell you you are not right (…) When you stand up and say ‘You know what? You don’t make that decision!’ ” … LOVE IT

    1. Minutes

      Yet.. when she has opportunity to gain the policy that she pretends to be for, she turns into a ghost; until it’s over, and time for her to pull some social media outrage again… she’s such an actor

    1. Holly Grail

      So we’re now just denying biology? In animals, humans and even insects there is a MALE AND A FEMALE so go about with your little make belief all you want…. Reality is REALITY …. And if you were born a male GUESS WHAT, YOU WILL ALWAYS BE A MALE , NO MATTER HOW MUCH SURGERY YOU HAVE!!

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